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Guideline publications is a 40 year old family owned and operated company producing quality booklets for education, counseling, and public relations.  They are used by many Funeral Homes, Hospice/Hospital, Churches, Schools, and individuals both national and international.  Each booklet  is written to meet a specific need that arises when a death occurs.  Over 20 million copies of our booklets have been distributed.

Grieving the loss of a loved one is a natural part of life.  Our publications seek to help individuals before, during, and after a time of loss.

We offer free imprinting, on the front cover, of most of our publications when ordered in quantities of 125 or greater.  This imprint can contain all of a companies important contact information.

Guideline Publications has also develope a line of unique Art & Poetry Memorials.  These memorials allow you to personalize your feelings with a photograph of your family member or friend.  Each memorial is created from hand painted artwork, and enhanced by a gold foil border around the photo opening.

We seek to provide the highest quality service to our customers.



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